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Why Underwrite?

It reaches people in their home, vehicle and business. It's mobile, reaching people just before they enter the store. The production cost is low compared to television. 77% of all adults tune in to radio for more than three hours every day.(Radio Advertising Bureau)

Why Underwrite On Catholic Radio?

Christian radio listeners ascribe an incredible amount of loyalty to their station. 20.9% of Christian radio listeners listen exclusively to Christian radio(Simmons Market Research). For this reason they tend to support those merchants who support their station. Christian radio is a message-oriented medium. In a day when radio stations are nothing more than background mediums, people tune to Christian radio for the message it conveys.

Why Underwrite on KQHE?

KQHE is the only locally operated Catholic radio station in the area, Underwriting donations are tax-deductible

The F.C.C. authorizes non-commercial stations to acknowledge gifts or grants from businesses who underwrite specific programs or portions of programming. Recognition of those gifts on the air is referred to as an underwriting message.

Who can Underwrite?

Businesses, Organizations or Churches who want to support the Catholic apostolate of KQHE by underwriting or sponsoring a portion of our programming can receive "on air" acknowledgment of their support through an underwriting announcement.

What can it include?

  • Name of the business
  • Address
  • Website
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Corporate slogan
  • Years in business
  • Generic list of products and/or services provided
  • The corporate philosophy of your business
  • Demonstrate your company's commitment to supporting the mission of KQHE

What can't it include?

  • A "call to action"
  • Any comparative, qualitative, or promotional statements about the sponsors products or services
  • Inducements to buy, sell or lease
  • Any pricing information
  • Religious or Political language
  • See this recent case where the FCC fined a Noncommercial Station - FCC Fines NCE Station for Enhanced Underwriting
  • KQHE reserves the right not to accept underwriting support from any entity deemed to be inconsistent with the station's mission or Magisterium, not of general interest to its listeners, or potentially detrimental to the welfare and image of the station.

Underwriting Packages

(each spot is a 30 sec message)

A donation of $150 will get 5 announcements.

If you sign up for $200 or more per month, you may also choose to have your announcements associated with specific programs heard on KQHE. Information about these programs, including weekly topic listings, is available at