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For requests to be received, at the bottom of the page you must 1) enter the code you see on the screen and 2) click the submit button.

Public Service Announcement guidelines are below

Public Service Announcement Guidelines

PSA Criteria:

  • Events or information must be submitted by individuals, a not-for-profit organization, or non-profit agency.
  • Events or information should have wide appeal and value to KQHE's audience and/or provide some service or benefit to the community, listeners and/or members.
  • Events should be located in the geographic region served by KQHE.
  • Events or information related to candidates for office or political organizations will not be aired.

PSA Scheduling Information:

  • PSAs will be scheduled based on airtime availability and are selected at the discretion of the KQHE Programming Committee. Placement and frequency cannot be guaranteed.
  • Events or information relating to KQHE programming or KQHE's mission will have priority.
  • PSAs will not be scheduled during KQHE on-air membership campaigns.

PSA Submission Information:

  • PSA requests must be self-submitted by entering the event information on KQHE's "Contact Us" page at least 3 weeks before the event date. (Due to the volume of PSA information we receive, we will no longer accept submissions via telephone, email or mail.)

Questions? Please contact us at

For requests other than Public Service Announcements, you may call the studio message line - 451-4868.