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Our Mission Statement

Little Flower Ministries’ mission, is to transmit the Good News of Jesus Christ as echoed by the Magisterium and guided by the Holy Spirit; in order to help build sacramental, abundant prayer lives among our listeners, inspiring greater works of charity and a powerful, loving witness to our glorious Catholic Faith.

About Us

In 2005, a group of faithful Catholics gathered together in the upper room of a tiny building, in an effort to answer Pope John Paul II’s call for the “New Evangelization”. From that gathering, began the journey of bringing Catholic radio to our Diocese and the eventual formation of “Little Flower Ministries”.

None of us really knew what we were embarking on. With the charitable guidance and encouragement of the Catholic Radio Association, EWTN, and so many more, the good Lord has seen us through many failed attempts.

On Holy Thursday 2012, when the Church celebrates that holy night, when Christ, gathered in the upper room with the Apostles, keeping his promise, to “be with us always”, commanding them, “Do this in memory of me”, Fairbanks received its first construction permit for KQHE ( Queen of Heaven and Earth) 92.7 FM. Queen of Heaven and Earth radio, seeks, with Our Lady’s help, to imitate her in doing what she has always faithfully and compassionately done, that is, bring the fullness of the Good News, Jesus Christ, to those who might receive him. It is our hope to extend this gift of Catholic radio to as many listeners as possible. Please keep this effort in your prayers and also consider a charitable donation.

May God abundantly bless you!